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Kozmetik ürünlerin belirlenen raf ömrü süresince işlevselliğini sürdürüp sürdüremediğine dair yapılan test stabilite testi olarak adlandırılıyor.

During this test, the physical, chemical and microbiological qualities of the products are checked. Stability test for cosmetic products is also performed in our laboratory. The products are kept within the scope of the test and during this period, the color, smell, appearance, weight, pH value and viscosity of the products are examined on the 1st, 28th and 90th days.

If necessary, antimicrobial efficacy and packaging tests are performed in our laboratory according to the European Pharmacopoeia analysis method. We can inspect the packaging for breakage, cracking and leak testing. Analytical data can be evaluated for special product types by considering different parameters.

We will also inform you that stability testing can be performed both in real time and in an accelerated manner. For each product type, we can carry out our analysis on different criteria. The appropriate temperature level is also determined within the scope of our analysis studies based on scientific data. However, you can also contact us immediately for microbial testing that demonstrates the ability and quality of the product to prevent microbiological growth.

We can also establish test protocols by creating different scientific bases depending on the type of party to be tested. You can also benefit from our professional stability test to ensure that both the products and their packaging are as important as the products. You can call us for more information.

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