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Salmonella Spp

With American Pharmacopoeia pointing to salmonella spp as an indicator microorganism in cosmetic products, this bacterium has started to be taken into consideration more in the sector. It should be noted that this bacterium is of great importance in determining the microbiological quality of cosmetic products. If this bacteria is present in the cosmetic product, it is not hygienic.

Therefore, salmonella spp is one of the bacteria that should be detected in cosmetic products by various analysis studies. This is where we come into play and present you the necessary analysis to report whether this bacteria is present in the product in question. The presence of this bacterium in cosmetic products can cause many health problems such as acne, shallots or skin infection.

Products with Salmonella Spp are not hygienic!

The presence of this bacterium, which must be prevented in its production, can also seriously damage the image of cosmetic brands. The brands must be tested for the presence of this bacterium in all raw materials it uses. You will need to send the sample to us as soon as possible to complete the analysis in a very short period of time and to send you a report whether it is detected or not.

In our analysis we add dilution as a part of the sample. We then allow to incubate under appropriate conditions and temperature. This makes it possible to analyze whether the bacteria are present in the sample in a practical way. You can contact us immediately for more detailed information about this subject.

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