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Aluminum is one of the heavy metals found in cosmetic products as well as in some industrial products. In order to determine how many ppm of aluminum is present in cosmetic or industrial products, our fully equipped laboratory is conducting aluminum (al) analysis. As you know, the amount of some heavy metals in the products is also important in the law.

Under the law, some heavy metals must be below a certain limit. However, since there is no limit value for aluminum, the analysis is carried out on special request. AAS method, which is in international standards, is used in the aluminum analysis study performed by our expert staff in our laboratory.

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Our analysis can be carried out in the finished products as well as in the raw material quality control stage. If you send the sample to our laboratory at a certain rate, the analysis starts immediately and is completed in a very short time and the result is reported to you. You can also benefit from the aluminum analysis study performed in our laboratory in order to document the safety of products or raw materials.

Aluminum analysis is performed in an environment equipped with hollow cathode lamp. The atomic absorption spectrophotometer determines the number of ppm of aluminum. Since there is no limit value for aluminum, the report prepared does not use an expression such as below or above the limit. It is only indicated whether aluminum is present in the sample and if so, how many ppm. Since our laboratory is accredited, the report prepared after the analysis conducted by us has legal validity as well.

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