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Chromium metal can be found in cosmetic industry or industrial products. In order to understand this clearly and to determine how much chromium is present in the raw material or product, chromium analysis should be performed with the right techniques in the laboratory environment. Chromium (Cr) analysis is one of the tests performed by our expert teams in our fully equipped laboratories.

We would like to state that there is no limit value for chromium analysis in industrial product types or cosmetic product types. Therefore, the relevant tests are carried out to prove the safety of the products or raw materials or to a special purpose for a different purpose. Chromium analysis is completed in a short time.

We take samples from the product or raw material during the chromium analysis study that we carry out according to special demands. We then ensure that the organic matter contained in this sample is broken down, whether dry or wet. Atomic absorption spectrometry can be used to determine whether chromium is present or how much. These works can be performed for different kinds of cosmetic products.

This test can also be performed on request to determine the safety of the products. After the test, a report is prepared and sent to you. You can contact us immediately for the chromium analysis study performed by our expert teams with the latest techniques and the fastest way. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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