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We also carry out lithium (Li) analysis within the scope of heavy metal analysis studies carried out in our fully equipped laboratories. This analysis performed by our expert teams using the latest techniques can be performed for cosmetic products as well as industrial products or raw material types. Note that there is no limit value for lithium.

Since there is no limitation or limitation, this analysis is carried out on special request. We can carry out lithium (Li) analysis in our laboratory upon your request. In this way, it is possible to determine the amount of lithium in the product or raw material. We complete our analysis in a short time and make sure you are informed of the results as soon as possible.

Within the scope of our heavy metal analysis, we take samples from the product or raw material. Then we provide the decomposition of the organic matter in dry form or wet form. Detection of lithium can be performed by atomic absorption spectrometer. This analysis performed by our expert teams is completed in a very short time.

We can also perform lithium analysis work for you for a variety of purposes, such as documenting the safety of products. After our analysis, we prepare a report and deliver it to you. A report containing various information such as the presence of lithium in the raw material or product and its value, if any, is delivered to you in a very short time. The analysis can also be carried out at the raw material quality control stage. Call us for more information!

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