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Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (TİTCK), issued on 10.05.2016, where the information about the heavy metal limits in cosmetic products "Guidelines Regarding Heavy Metal Impurities" should also be arsenic also among the study analyzes should be performed in cosmetic products. This manual is published by the relevant ministry to prevent adverse effects on the health of users of the products.

Arsenic (As) analysis is mandatory under the law. You can choose our fully equipped laboratory for analysis of raw materials or finished products. Analysis studies are completed within 5 working days and the result of the analysis is sent to you with a report.

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When the parameters specified in the Guideline on Heavy Metal Impurities are examined, it is seen that the arsenic limit value in cosmetic products is 5 ppm. It is also included in the Guideline on Heavy Metal Impurities, where the arsenic limit value for toothpastes and other products applied to the mucous membrane is 0.5 ppm. Therefore, the arsenic limit value may vary according to the product concerned.

Our laboratory, where heavy metal analysis is performed, is within the scope of accreditation. The entire analysis is carried out in accordance with both national and international standards. Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) method is used in our arsenic analysis study which is performed within the scope of our studies in heavy metal analysis. You can contact us for Arsenic (As) analysis immediately and send us the sample we need to start the examination.

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