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Our heavy metal analysis studies on various raw materials or finished products include cobalt (Co) analysis. These studies, which are performed on many different products, are completed by our experienced teams and the results are conveyed to you quickly. In addition to industrial products, we are able to perform cobalt analysis in cosmetic products.

The cobalt analysis study can be completed within 5 working days. As you know, there is no limit value for cobalt. For this reason, cobalt analysis studies are carried out on special request in our laboratory. If you send a sample of raw material or finished product to our laboratory, the analysis starts immediately. As a result of the analysis completed within 5 working days, we send the report to you.

We are doing cobalt analysis in fully equipped laboratory!
After the cobalt analysis studies carried out in order to document the safety of the finished products, the current amount in the sample is also stated in the prepared report. For this reason, you can see clearly how much cobalt is present in the sample. We perform cobalt analysis not only in industrial products but also in cosmetic products.

In the analysis of the decomposition of an organic substance as dry or wet, we can clearly determine the cobalt value. You can contact us immediately for the quick completion of the analysis and the results of the analysis. We are happy to answer all your questions. Contact us for a cobalt analysis at an affordable price.

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