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Boron is among the metals that we analyze rapidly in our laboratory. As you know, there is no limit value for boron in cosmetic or industrial products. In order to determine the amount of boron in the products or raw materials used in production, analysis is carried out on special request. We can carry out boron analysis test on both product and raw material.

The degradation of the organic matter in the raw material in dry form or wet form can be understood by determining the determination of boron metal. Boron analysis can also be carried out for the absorption spectrometer of organic matter. During the boron analysis carried out in the laboratory, samples are taken from the raw material or product.

The sample taken in ideal ratio is put into nitric acid and thus disintegrated. After disintegration, the mineral salts turn into precipitable chlorides. This method is used to determine the value of boron in the raw material or product. We can do boron analysis for you during production or controlling the quality of the raw material.

This way you can determine the safety of the products. After the boron analysis carried out by our expert teams in our fully equipped laboratory, you will receive a report showing the current boron value. In order to verify the safety of the products or raw materials, you can contact us immediately to carry out this analysis. The analysis performed in our laboratory is completed in a short time and the related report is prepared.

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