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Heavy metal analysis is sometimes carried out by legal requirements and sometimes by special request. Strontium (Sr) analysis is one of the heavy metal analysis studies that can be carried out on special request. Strontium analysis is among the analysis studies that we perform in our fully equipped laboratory equipped with the latest technology.

We can carry out this analysis on raw materials as well as on finished products. After the applications made by the companies in order to certify that the finished products are particularly safe, we immediately start our analysis. When we receive some sample, strontium analysis is completed within 5 working days and report is prepared.

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There is no specific limit value for strontium in industrial and cosmetic products. Therefore, if strontium is present in the report prepared after our analysis, only the information and value that it is present is stated. An expression such as below or above the limit cannot be used because there is no specific limit value.

The analysis is carried out under pigment defined conditions. The sample is extracted with hydrochloric acid solution. The amount of strontium in the separated material is then determined by atomic absorption spectrophotometer and the analysis is completed. This analysis can be carried out to determine the safety of the finished products as well as during the quality control of the raw materials. You can call us for more information

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