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Because of the raw materials used in cosmetic products, many different heavy metals can be found. Some of these heavy metals are legally accepted only if they are below a certain limit value. Therefore, some heavy metal analyzes have to be made mandatory under the law. However, although sometimes not mandatory under the law, heavy metal analyzes can be carried out on special request.

One of these is tin (Sn) analysis. You can choose our fully equipped laboratory for tin analysis studies that can be performed for various purposes such as documenting the safety of products or testing the safety of raw materials. Since there is no limit value under the laws, the amount of tin in the sample is stated in the report prepared after the tin analysis study.

In our laboratory, Tin (Sn) Analysis is Completed in Three Business Days!

No statement is added to the report, as there is no limit value to indicate that the remaining amount is below or above the limit. Heavy metal analysis can be enough to carry 250 grams of sample to our laboratory. In the meantime, our tin analysis work can be performed to get information about the easy quantity of raw material during the quality control stage.

Sometimes this report may be needed to indicate the safety of the finished products. The test results carried out in our laboratory, which is accredited for heavy metal analysis, are legally valid. Analyzes are performed by AAS method. For more information, you can contact us now.

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