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In cosmetic products as well as industrial products, heavy metals need to be at a certain rate as you know. For this reason, heavy metals in the product or raw material should be analyzed and detected in laboratory environment. Some heavy metals must be below a certain limit under the law. As there is no specific limit for some heavy metals, the analysis is carried out on a special request, not necessarily.

Since our laboratory is accredited, you can easily choose us for analysis studies carried out on special request and for heavy metal analyzes that are required to be performed under the law. Nickel (Ni) analysis is only one of the dozens of different analyzes performed in our fully equipped laboratory. Delivering a certain amount of sample for nickel analysis is enough for us to start our analysis immediately.

Nickel (Ni) Analysis is performed in our laboratory!

For all kinds of cosmetic products, you can perform the nickel analysis study. Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) method is preferred. Immediately after the analysis we have completed in a short time, we prepare a report for you. In this report, the amount of nickel in the sample is determined if any and how many ppm value is also stated in the report.

You can also benefit from the analysis carried out by our expert personnel to document the safety of the products or to determine how much nickel the raw materials contain in the quality control stage. Call us for more information!

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