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The fact that there is no limit on how many ppm copper should be present in industrial or cosmetic products brings about the optional copper (Cu) analysis. In our fully equipped accredited laboratory, all heavy metal analysis studies can be performed. Therefore, you can contact us without wasting time for copper analysis.

We prefer methods of international standards within the scope of copper analysis conducted by our expert staff. The AAS methodology analysis is completed in a short time and the result is reported to you. In the case of heavy metal analyzes that are required by law, a statement can be given as to whether they are below or above the limit value.

We are conducting copper analysis at international standards!
However, since the copper analysis is carried out on a special request, not necessarily, and there is no limit value, the report contains only information about whether copper is present in the sample and how many ppm is present. You can also choose copper analysis to document the safety of products or to determine the copper content of the raw materials in the quality control phase.

Since our heavy metal analysis laboratory is accredited, the report is also valid under the law. In order to document the safety of the products, you can choose our laboratory with peace of mind and call us for more information. We would like to answer your questions with great pleasure.

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